Saturday, April 12, 2014

Batch Cooking and Eating Healthy

Batch Cooking

Today I tried batch and freezer cooking for the first time in earnest. IT WAS EXHAUSTING!!!!!

I've been known to make a large pot of chili or soup and freeze what we didn't eat in portion size containers for consumption later. However, today I tackled four meals.... in bulk.... at once. IT WAS EXHAUSTING!!!!!  I have decided that 1) it's a learned skill with a learning curve and 2) takes a certain amount of endurance (did I mention that it was exhaaaaaaaaaaausting?!). However, as I look at my clean kitchen - dishwasher loaded, pots and pans washed, and a freezer and fridge chock-full of lunches and dinners for this week - I feel satisfied and very accomplished.*

Hot dang. Would you look at that pretty girl. She worked hard today.
I'm about to give her a mop and maybe declutter the corner. 

The bunny trail that led to my undertaking this newfound lovely insanity started with me reading this post that I saw on pinterist, then reading about twenty different posts on the same site (Organize Yourself Skinny) - not exaggerating either - and reviewing previously found literature. My interest in taking charge of my life was renewed.

Here are the thoughts that gave me the motivation to tackle it:
• Time is a premium this week, thus no time for healthy cooking (for any meal really, double bummer).
• I honestly want to be healthy and loose weight (in that order). No more hiding!
• The idea intrigued me. Why not give it a shot? If I'm going to chop one pepper, why not three?
• I have to think about food at some point, why not think about it all at once?

Having similar thoughts? Keep reading.

My fridge and freezer are full of pre-made salads, healthy soups, and snacks. Way to go me!
Eating Healthy 

It's all about education. One of my favorite quotes is "What I do depends on how I feel about what I know." Apply it liberally.

What do I know about my body? About food? What do I know, through experience or study, how they interact optimally? What do I know about regular exercise and it's affects on me personally?

Personally, I believe bodies are a gift from God that we get to learn how to manage properly. Thankfully, I also believe that He's given us health guidelines. (I'm not getting preachy, just personal.)

How do I feel about those things will reflect in what I do. I decided it was time for me to care a little more and take charge of this aspect of my life.

In regards to healthy eating here are some of my basic and repetitive thoughts:

• It's a lifestyle, not a phase.
• You need to think about your food.
• The more you learn, the better off you are and will be.
• Always keep learning.  Use various sources (Doctrine and Covenants 89, Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat For Health, OYS) but use critical thinking skills.

In conclusion: Knowledge is power. Get educated. Come to care about it enough to act on it.

*Studies (that I remember studying, but don't now have the references for) have shown that people who  exert all their available efforts to and are fully committed to the pursuit of meaningful and worthwhile goals are happier than their counterparts. My personally summary of it was "There is deep satisfaction in work." ....and not necessarily 'I get paid for this work', but the more generally definition of 'exertion'.

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