Who is this girl?

I'm an Arizona/Washington D.C. German-American with an English influenced Southern Bell of a grandmother, married to a long established Northern Virginian artist of a husband, and currently living in Upstate New York (nothing like the City - think farm lands). Basically, there is a lot going on. All of these different things have really shaped who I am and how I view the world - specifically food and all the customs surrounding eating and dinning together.

Poor quality picture - I know. But, HI!!

Mr. Animator and Me

Why I started this: 

I've always loved to cook but only really came to accept and grasp this over the past few years through a somewhat strange course of events. I found myself recently married, out of a job, and in a new place away from family and friends. Also, the concept of a 'hobby' was kind of foreign to me, so at the urging of my husband and close friends, I started trying an assortment of random things. I found myself starting to fall in love with food, and one day after coming home from grocery shopping I realized I had always loved food. If this moment was to be captured in a cheesy romanic drama or comedy, everything would have slowed down, the background would have faded, and sappy music would have started to play as I looked around my kitchen, admiring groceries, pots, pans, and my beloved kitchen appliances.
I love food - and this blog is my journal of love letters with it. *cue end of sappy music*

My Food Philosophy:

I think food is a miracle, boarding on magic. Plants turn dirt into food - tell me that isn't magic of some form. Food can also be arranged into edible art that brings people together. Food is many things to many people, but above all we need it and I think we should enjoy it too.

My Ulterior Motives:

The hope is that while engaged with my writing and recipes on this blog the passion I have for food will be infectious and instill in you, my readers, a similar love and enjoyment of food. Thank you for being here!!! 

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