Friday, July 6, 2012

I love food

Yesterday was Forrest's birthday, and so of course I baked a cake! It turned out great and it was enjoyable to make. With the leftover I tried making cake balls....which were a spectacular failure. Then, today I went grocery shopping for the two of us after I organized a weekly menu and shopping list. I came home, hauled all my groceries up three levels (elevator for one trip, stairs for the other), unloaded everything, and beheld the beauty of it (see below). All those wonderful meals waiting to get cooked. Sides waiting to simmer, veggies waiting to be chopped, potatoes to cook, herbs to prep... it was a small piece of heaven for me. And, thanks for a wonderful husband, and lots of praying and thinking, we opted for an apartment with a *GREAT* kitchen (again, see below).

It was that moment after unloading my treasure that I looked at my feeble cake balls which I shoved into a corner to make room and thought "I like cooking a whole lot more than I like baking." Don't get me wrong, I love baking! But I Love cooking. It's a form of edible, modern art. It can wrap you up in warm fuzzy feelings, and take the edge off a bad day, a rough week, or a lonely afternoon.
Anyway, as I usually do, I ignore my menu as fast as I can for my first meal because I thought of five other *amazing* things that I could do with the same ingredients. As I was taking a picture of my creation, I thought of a friend who has a beautiful blog about naturally sweet things, which is amazing. ( As I threw away the cake balls to clear room for my work space I thought about how she was a sweet-aholic who ate chocolate icing with no shame. I've never shared her passion for sweet stuff, but have always loved savory dishes more. (For example, I never really crave chocolate. In fact, I eat about one bite and I'm done.) But I Love savory food's, bright colors, and intense flavors - I can eat BLT's and Gorgonzola Bread Pudding till I burst. And it hit me. "I've been writing down recipes I create and love, and always take pictures, but never do anything with either of them." And that's when "Bright Bold and Beautiful Food's" popped into my mind. I thought I'd follow my friends lead and start blogging about it. I'll likely never have the following she does (Seriously, check out her blog   You won't be disappointed.) but it's here for all who would like to use it! Most of the dishes will be simple, intensely rich, and look fantastic when served up right.

Bacon and Blue Chicken with fresh broccoli and sliced tomatoes. Heavenly.
4 Chicken Breast's - Grilled

10 Slices Bacon, diced
1 medium Onion (Sweet Yellow is what I used)
2 tbs Olive Oil

1/3 cup blue cheese
Pepper to taste

Combined Oil, Bacon, and Onions in a medium frying pan. Cook until bacon is done, and onions are golden brown and semi translucent (or cook the bacon separately and add it when the onions are done to your preferred level of doneness. 

Move onions and bacon to a bowl, and start grilling the chicken in the pan you just used. After bacon mixture has cooled slightly, stir in blue cheese. Pepper to taste. 

Once chicken done, place on individual plates and top with Bacon and Cheese mixture. 

Serve with a bright green veggie and either a colorful fruit (tomato, diced mango's in lime juice,) or your favorite form of potato's. 

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