Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kale Pesto

This was stunning. The picture isn't great, but no picture could capture the true radiance of kale in all it's splendor.

I mean - it not only looked fantastic. But there was some true magic happening.

Not only did I find it beautiful, but as I made it, I watched almost 6 cups of kale dwindle down to about 1 cup of pesto. That's almost as good as you get to a good disappearing act. I just stared blankly at my food processor in wonder. And really, I think that's the best way to describe my thoughts about food in general. Consider me a woman of simple pleasures, but watching all the ingredients come together to form an evening meal is like watching the mice and bird in Cinderella put together her ball gown - it's magical, captivating, and amazing. And even more importantly, I want to get up and 'dance' again each night. Granted, she was dancing with a prince and I'm prancing around my kitchen with kale, but all the same - I love it!!!

So yes, as I watched an entire bunch of kale go to pesto, I was amused and almost beside myself giddy. Then, tossing the pasta and red cherry tomatoes in the speckled green sauce made my heart sing with joy as I watched the pops of red contrast with the green and gently cascade onto the serving dish.

On a more technical note, when making this dish keep in mind that the flavor of the olive oil will really come through, so don't use a low grade brand. If you don't care for olive oil, go for another oil that you like. Also, you can use milk or almond milk instead of oil - just add it slowly so the pesto doesn't get soggy. 

Kale, being a super food of sorts, really makes this crazy good for you especially once you consider how much of it you're eating once it's pulverized down to pesto. Pine nuts, while high in fats/oils, are also good for you, and the basil brings in the classic pesto taste that most people are accustom to. 


1 bunch of kale, or about 6 cups loosely packed kale leaves, hard ribs removed
1/4 cup loosely packed fresh basil leaves 
1/4 cup pine nuts
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 
3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 

1 lb pasta
1 cup cherry tomatoes 

Add everything into a food processor and blend on high until kale is reduced (and likely sticking on walls) by about half. Scrape and mix, and blend again. Repeat process until everything is totally combined and uniform size. It should yield about 1cup of pesto. Remove from food processor, taste, and add salt as desired. 

Toss in 1 pound of hot pasta and about 1 cup cherry tomatoes halved. Serve hot. 


  1. My wife has a strong dislike of kale. I'm going to try this without telling her its kale and see what she how it goes.

    1. Let me know how it goes! Adding some garlic can never hurt too.... it takes the bitter edge off the kale that most people dislike.