Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Cut Citrus

This is a quick way to prep citrus fruit for a Citrus Salad or any dish that required citrus segments or slices. Enjoy! 

Helpful hints:
- Use a very sharp knife and watch those fingers! 
- Use a cutting board that has a grooved or raised edges so the juices won't spill onto the counter. 

Wash fruit, and cut off both ends. 

Place fruit on end 

Using a sharp knife, cut down into the peel, revealing the inner flesh. 

Continue until peel and white membrane is entirely removed. 

Flip, and repeat with any remaining peel. You can move the knife in a curved
motion so you don't have to flip it. Do whichever is more comfortable for you. 

Lay on side, and cut crosswise through the fruit. 

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