Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I should be doing homework right now, but......

...but, instead I rushed home from work to sear a chunky hunky beef roast so I could slap it into the slow cooker asap so Forrest and I could eat by 10pm tonight.

The thing is, yesterday, I also saw the "Specials" table at Barnes & Noble was stocked full of cook books. So naturally I squealed like a girl and beelined my way over to it. I found one (*cough cough* several) that I liked, and bought it (yes, I only bought one - I dream/create on a budget).

When got home I of course had several homework assignments due, so I naturally sat down, promptly opened up my new cook book and went through all 365 recipes, making notes as needed for the ones I would try and how I would change them.

I eventually got the homework done, but I realized, I have a passion for food. I don't eat a ton, or shop only at farmer markets, or snub my nose at an occasional bowl of Krafts Mac&Cheese or Ramen. I love the colors, textures, flavors, scents, and feelings that foods have to offer us. Some of the most beautiful things I've seen in life have been food related.

Today, much like yesterday, I hurried home to tinker around in the kitchen. I call it tinker because I just put a beef roast in the slow cooker, then ate 1/2 a baby watermelon (no, I'm not pregnant), and tried the Eggcado concept, which I'm eating right now, along with a new coating for a grilled goat cheese ball.

The watermelon was stunning, tantalizing  and out of the ordinary. Why? Because I drizzled bite size chunks of it with a balsamic vinegar reduction glaze on an appetizer plate. Fan-freaking-tastic!

Why was the goat cheese thingy so cool? Because the first time I experienced one I was on a girl date at a night club that opened for lunch in order to show off it's menu and garner more customers. By recreating it, I recreated a sliver of that great memory with my friend Betty.

Granted, some things are gross. Like microwaved feta cheese on a tortilla (try it if you dare - it smells like someone threw up in the microwave and turned it on high for 20 minutes). However, most food, when puzzled together in the right way is fantastic, taking it's partaker on a small adventure and home again.

Life has gotten the better of me in the past few months, but I've still be cooking up some pretty sweet storms, all of which I will post soon.

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